Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events 2021

Apr 10 – Montgomery Ranch/Hansen Cattle Co., at the ranch, Carrington, ND
Apr 17 – Feiring Angus/Ash Coulee, at the Feiring Ranch, Powers Lake, ND
Apr 18 – North Country Angus Alliance, Bagley, MN
Apr 22 – Prairie Pride Angus, Jamestown, ND
Apr 23 – Medicine Rocks Ranch, Bowman Livestock, Bowman, ND
Apr 24 – Sodak Angus, at the ranch, Reva, SD
Apr 28 – Opp Angus, Stockmen›s West, Dickinson, ND
May 3 – Spickler Ranch South, at the ranch, Glenfield, ND
May 5 – Hoyt›s Angus Ranch, at the ranch, McHenry, ND
May 5 – McDonnell Angus, Bowman, ND
May 7 – Duppong’s Willow Creek Farm, at the ranch, Glen Ullin, ND
May 10 – Wendel Livestock, at the ranch, LaMoure, ND
May 16 – Heuchert’s Willow Creek Ranch, Lake Region Livestock, Devils Lake, ND

Jun 5 – NDAA Junior Field Day, Carrington, ND
Jun 7 – Bruner Angus Ranch, Rugby Livestock, Rugby, ND
Jun 7 – Urlacher Angus, Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, ND